Before & After Care


You will need to shower the day prior or at the very least 2-4 hours before your spray tan to remove deodorant, lotions or perfumes. We highly recommend exfoliating the day before with a washcloth using a non-oil based, gritty scrub or exfoliant.

DO NOT apply any moisturizer, deodorant, make-up or perfumes to your skin prior to getting your spray tan as this will reduce the effectiveness of the procedure. Shave and remove body hair 8-24 hours prior to your tanning appointment. Waxing should be done at least 24 hours prior to getting your spray tan.

Bring dark, loose-fitting clothing and flip flops to wear afterward. Wearing a bra after your spray tan is NOT recommended. Remove all jewelry.

Wear whatever makes you feel comfortable during your spray tan. If you choose to wear underwear or a swimsuit, make sure they are black or dark in color. Most customers prefer no tan lines, so nude is acceptable for female clients only.

Bring a towel to protect your car seats after you tan.

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Alexis - After Tanning Care


Your tan will take 8-10 hours to develop. We recommend that you leave it on overnight and shower using ONLY a body wash that is sulfate-free and DOES NOT contain lanolin. Non-scented/fragrance free body washes are recommended. DO NOT use over the counter bar soap such as Dove, Dial, etc. DO NOT exfoliate with loofas, body scrubs, body washes or soaps with exfoliating beads until your tan starts to fade away.

For a RAPID spray tan ONLY, rinse in 1-3 hours (skin depths - light 1 hr, medium 2 hrs, and dark 3hrs). First shower should be rinse ONLY under warm water, NO soap. After your rinse, DO NOT use lotion! Your second shower is as usual, with soap, etc., followed by moisturizer 2 x a day.

DO NOT exercise or perspire heavily between the tanning and showering phase.

When showering, you may notice some brown staining in the water. Don’t worry! This is just some of the bronzer washing off, revealing your tanned skin underneath.

After showering, patting yourself with a towel rather than rubbing dry will ensure that your tan lasts longer.


For maximum tan results, moisturize twice a day, especially after you shower with a non-scented/fragrance free and alcohol-free lotion or a tan extending moisturizer (ask about our products). DO NOT use baby oil or any product that contains mineral oil. Hydrating your skin will prolong the life of your tan and reduce the rate at which your skin exfoliates.

Face washes containing salicylic acid and/or benzoyl peroxide are NOT RECOMMENDED because they can eat away at your spray tan. Your face will fade faster as you wash it more frequently. We recommend using gentle cleansers - exfoliating face washes + Clarisonics are NOT RECOMMENDED!

DO NOT use shaving cream when you shave - it contains lanolin.

Make sure you always use sunscreen. Your airbrush tan is not a sun protectant.

Your tan can last between 7- 10 days depending on your before and after care.

The better prepared your skin is for the spray tan and cared for after will determine the longevity and quality of the tan.

Once you notice your tan is starting to fade you can begin exfoliating in preparation for your next tan.

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